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Havaianas Launches Marvel Comics Collection of Flip Flops

An adult style from the Marvel x Havaianas collection.
Courtesy of brand.

Havaianas, the world’s favorite rubber flip flops, has combined forces with Marvel Comics to launch a new collection of flip flops, Marvel x Havaianas, featuring some of the world’s most iconic super heroes.

A Spider-Man adult style from the Marvel x Havaianas collection.
Courtesy of brand.

This limited edition collection is Marvel’s first official flip flop collaboration and includes six unique men’s, women’s and kids’ styles. Some of pop culture’s greatest super heroes, including Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man, are highlighted in bright Havaianas colorways and designs as part of the collection. The diverse variety of styles and sizes offered allows Havaianas the opportunity to tap into and celebrate Marvel fans of all ages for the first time.

A Captain America & Iron Man adult style from the Marvel x Havaianas collection.
Courtesy of brand.

The collection will launch tomorrow (March 30th) exclusively in Havaianas’ U.S. concept stores, as well as online at havaianas.com. The kids’ styles retail for $19, while the adult versions go from $26 to $30.


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Fashion: Star-Spangled Flâneurs: Converse x Ace Hotel Pro Leather Sneakers


Comics Grinder is always on the lookout for something that’s a cut above and worth a shoutout in the world of pop culture, fashion, and all points in between. Consider this item just released by our friends at Ace Hotel: Special Limited Edition Ace Hotel Converse Pro Leather High Tops. It’s got style, comfort, and will get you first in line this summer and beyond.

More details follow from Ace Hotel:

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The Summit Block Party in Seattle promises to be an intoxicating brew of fun this Saturday, August 4, 2012. If you’re on Capitol Hill, be sure to stop by and visit Intruder Comics.

The party runs from 11AM to 9PM at the 1700 Block of Summit Avenue.

More details:

Intruder Comics
Intruder will have a table set up at the Summit Block Party tomorrow! We’ll be premiering the new jam zine Dismal Speed featuring work by Max, Marc, Jason, Tim, Tom, Aidan, and special guest Skillit!

From the Capitol Hill Seattle blog:

C.A.C.A. & Ladies’ Choice Productions are hosting a Big All Day Party! on Summit Ave. between E Howell St (Clever Dunne’s/Redwood) & E Olive St (not Olive Way)


Bands to play include: VanityMirrors, Black Pussy, Hair & Space Museum, Kurly Somthing, Diogenes, Separatist, Tusk Poacher, Mercy Sounds, Ronnie Earl Porter, Kaelon Holmes Not Dead Yet and more to be announced!!!

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ART: Summer Series: Flip Flops and Rabbits

Here is a look at something I’m doing as part of my Summer Series.


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Official Fiesta Huarache Review

What welcomes warmer weather better than a great pair of huaraches? They are part of the heart and soul of Mexico as well as America, included in such notable places as the lyrics to The Beach Boys song, “Surfin’ USA,” Jack Kerouac’s novel, “On The Road,” and Kathryn Stockett’s novel, “The Help.” I have found some huaraches you should know about.

Official Fiesta is the place to go for comfortable, stylish and authentic huarache sandals made in Mexico. We all like to treat ourselves to the best when we can. We like to treat our feet to the best too. So, let’s take a closer look at one standout item, Torero Men’s Grueso Huaraches. It has that cool iconic look we all know. And it fits like a dream. You can’t go wrong: It’s affordable, it’s hip and it fits right out of the box.

I decided to give the Grueso Huaraches a test, really walk around in them and make them my new friends. Right from the start, you don’t notice them once they’re on your feet since they’re light without complication, just like a good friend should be. You also want to be able to savor them and that’s where the leather weave and leather footbed will have you covered in comfort.

As a Mexican-American, I am particularly pleased to wear huaraches. It’s one of those things that you sort of take for granted, that you’ll get around to, but I’ve been missing out on a pair for many years! And, they look so cool. They are not as common as flip flops so people will compliment you and ask where you got them. Yeah, a lot of people out there are like me, they’ve been meaning to get huaraches! That’s the thing, you just need to get a pair–or two!

Here is a quick comparison to another pair of huraches also available at Official Fiesta. This other pair is the Torero Men’s Huaraches Pachuco. It’s a different style but it provides similar comfort. And it also has that same cool attitude. If you’re interested in getting more than one pair of huaraches, you may want to consider getting both of these styles. You definitely need to get some huaraches and Official Fiesta is where to go.

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