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ECCC 2018 Interview and Review: Terry Mayo and THE WICKED RIGHTEOUS

Terry Mayo is at the TPub booth, #1606.

Emerald City Comic Con provides so many opportunities to meet exciting talent. Case in point is Terry Mayo. He is currently on tour in support of his comic book, THE WICKED RIGHTEOUS with Alterna Comics; and his upcoming comic book, DISPOSABLE LEGENDS, with TPub Comics. If you’re going to ECCC, find Terry Mayo at the TPub booth, #1606. The TPub booth features all sorts of goodies, like the ongoing series TWISTED DARK.

THE WICKED RIGHTEOUS #1 is a post-apocalyptic 6-issue comic book series from Alterna Comics. The creator and writer, Terry Mayo, describes it as “Mad Max meets Stranger Things.” We are midway through the series at this point so I’m catching up here. I can report that the first issue definitely sets the tone and proves to be a most enjoyable read.

When the Apocalypse hits, it comes down to survival of the fittest. Mayo plays with that concept with fine results. Think of this as having a bit of a Walking Dead vibe to with the focus being on one family clan in an alternate San Diego set in the future. You’ve got sophisticated government drones constantly hovering around and monitoring citizen activity. You’ve got a population that has been devastated by a mysterious plague. And you’ve got a civilization that is a mix of high tech and a throwback to another time more in tune with primal animal instincts.


What’s so great about going to cons is stumbling upon little gems like this comic. I am always on the lookout for something that has just the right quirky offbeat factor. If something is just a historical saga, for instance, it becomes a much harder sell for me to be convinced I should take the time and effort to say anything about it. In the first place, where is my motivation? If a creator is a bit of a prima donna, again, I need a reason to overlook that. The list goes on. My time is valuable and so is yours. With that said, I like what Terry Mayo is doing here.

I will start to wrap this up by just emphasizing how essential it is to have some sort of hook in a work of comics. I don’t know how some readers are attracted to some of the stuff that for me, and for more careful readers, looks like it has been stripped of any shred of humanity. My hunch is that most readers are sometimes willing to take something for what it is and then just move on. What I think a comics publisher like Alterna Comics does best is to keep to a core of authenticity. I kid you not, people sniff that out.

Overall, I look forward to seeing the collected trade to THE WICKED RIGHTEOUS. I think the whole creative team here should be proud of themselves. The artwork by Lucas Romero definitely has got a real deal human touch and goes a long way into getting the reader involved. Colors by Christopher Hall are spot on with the moody atmospherics. Lettering by Brandon DeStefano fits in exceptionally well into compositions and enhances the genuine and organic feel to this comic.

Rating of 10/10


THE WICKED RIGHTEOUS is available at comiXology right here. For more details, visit Alterna Comics right here.

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Comics Review: BABYTEETH #8


Donny Cates is a master storyteller. It was a pleasure to interview him last year at Emerald City Comicon. I have been keeping up with BABYTEETH, his co-creation with artist Garry Brown. Issue 8 finds much of the action coming to a head. In the last couple of issues, our main characters have been coping with having been lured into a secret underground hamlet. This secret hamlet was created especially for 16-year-old Sadie’s immaculately conceived baby, Clark, aka the Final Son, the Antichrist. You know, his destiny is to open the gate between the Realm and the Other. Boy howdy, that’s pretty wild and wooly but that’s how Mr. Cates rolls.

I must say, even after getting this deep into the series, I still don’t do so well with any images of little Clark chugging down a bottle of blood. That’s what every growing Antichrist needs if he’s going to bring about the End Times. Formula sure as heck (hell!) just won’t cut it. The little guy goes ballistic when he’s served anything other than Type O Negative, straight from mama. If you even try to pass off, say, Type A Positive, he will shriek so loudly that he could bring down a jetliner.

Clark’s grandmother explains it all to you.

Now, you may be wondering if this comic is more character-driven or more demon-driven. And, rest assured, it is split down the middle. Plenty of demons here including a weird little raccoon-like critter who strayed out of the Red Realm. And there are others like Dancy, a reject in the Antichrist tryouts. But, overall, readers have a lot to invest in with Sadie, her heroic dad, her badass sis, and her estranged mom, who happens to run The Way program overseeing End Times operations. Then there’s this crusty ole rogue agent who blasted his way out of his assignment to work for the Silhouette syndicate. That plot point could prove to be a MacGuffin but it sure is a colorful and action-packed one.

As for this current issue, I am satisfied as the whole shooting match is moved forward with solid new revelations (as in Book of Revelation?) on Sadie’s family history and some new teasing out of End Times machinations. The whole pulpy/classic B-movie horror feel to this comics is addictive. The pacing is pitch perfect. You buckle in for a roller coaster ride and you get it.

I not only look forward to future issues but I know I’ll enjoy taking in the collected trades. This comic earns a rating of 10/10.

Overall, BABYTEETH is a whole lot of fun. You can compare this a bit to the Netflix smash hit, “Stranger Things,” inasmuch as it is a compelling mashup of family themes and some very loopy supernatural elements. You can binge read (and subscribe to) the series at comiXology right here.

BABYTEETH #8 is published by AfterShock Comics and available as of February 14, 2018. I really like what I see coming out of AfterShock. For instance, since we’re on the subject of blood, a new title, BETROTHED, follows a romance between a teenage zombie and a teenage human. Looks quite intriguing. That one kicks off on March 14, 2018–just one month away. For more details, visit AfterShock Comics right here.

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“EVERLAST” is the debut graphic novel by writer and actor, Chad Michael Murray, known for his role on “One Tree Hill.” This is a pre-apocalyptic story with a great deal of style, an impressive narrative and interesting characters. Published by Archaia Entertainment, this book has an expressive quality in art and text that is a hallmark of this publisher. For those of you who are fans of Murray, you may be wondering how he would handle a graphic novel. That’s fair enough. The truth is, the former star of “One Tree Hill” knows exactly what he’s doing in  the comics medium. He has taken a story to heart, like a good writer should.

“Everlast” invites you to accept that the center of Earth is hollow and is the home of a paradise, a “haven,” for the souls that will be saved during the Apocalypse. And it is Derek Everlast who is one of the soldiers tasked with saving souls. In fact, as our story unfolds, he is on his last mission to save the very last soul, a girl by the name of Melissa. And, as it turns out, Melissa is much more than the last soul saved. She is the key to the salvation of all of humanity.

Murray says that the premise for the story originated with a knock at his door. Murray was greeted by a man proclaiming that the End Times were near and that exactly one hundred and forty-four thousand souls would be saved. What a curious figure. What a curious man. The door shut on that odd scene and another door opened. “Everlast” was born.

Our hero, Derek Everlast, is a bit of a bar fly, all leather and stringy long hair, big, dark, handsome, half his body probably covered in tats, and with a primitive connection with any social graces. He’s the perfect dude. The perfect drifter in a world turned upside down where souls are dropping like flies. There’s no time for girlfriends. No time for any friends. All he can do is try to save as many souls before time runs out. He’s part of a celestial clean up crew!

The best thing about the book is the character of Everlast. He’s much in the same vein as the lone gunslinger in Westerns. He doesn’t have to say much and he never really does. He lets his actions speak for him. When he does talk, it’s usually something important that he’s let bottle up inside him. He’s a realist and yet he’s also an idealist and, like a faithful dog, will go straight into the burning flames to save that one last soul.

Archaia publishes an excellent line of comics, much of which share a certain quirky outlook. It’s something fans of the publisher can count on. They can also count on offbeat and expressive artwork. “Everlast” does something special. It breaks the story down into various perspectives. At the start, you’re pretty much seeing things through the eyes of Everlast and you have a dark and realistic tone. Later on, Melissa takes over and we see things from a young girl’s eyes, fresh and animated. Then, the villain emerges, Stavros, who has other plans on how to save the world, and things look dark and twisted. Finally, we focus on Naomi, a beautiful young woman, one step away from being sweet on Everlast. Here we see things with a more hopeful vibe. The line up of artists is Danijel Zezelj, known for his work on the graphic novel, “Luna Park,” from DC Vertigo; Robbi Rodriguez, a fresh new talent; Andrew Huerta, who has worked with a variety of publishers including IDW; J. K. Woodward, who has done a ton of work including “X-Men Origins: Beast”; and Trevor Hairsine, a veteran artist who has done everything from “Judge Dredd” to “X-Men.” That, my friend, is quite a cast of artistic talent.

“Everlast” keeps you on your toes up to the very end. But the end is only the beginning. There is more to come so stay tuned. Start by picking up a copy of this excellent book.

And a quick editor’s note: If you’re into “Everlast,” then consider “A Night at the Sorrento and Other Stories” It has a similar vibe in many ways. Check it out here.


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