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Interview: Ken Pisani and ‘Colonus’

"Colonus," script by Ken Pisani, art by Arturo Lauria

“Colonus,” script by Ken Pisani, art by Arturo Lauria

Ken Pisani has always been balancing a number of interesting things. Right now, there is a focus on “Colonus,” a sci-fi dystopian work that will appear in Dark Horse Comics Presents and subsequently be published as a graphic novel by Dark Horse Comics. As Pisani explains, this is a story of what happens when the bad guys go after the even badder guys!

As you will see when you check out the 8-page opener, “Colonus” is set on Mars and Venus, after the demise of Earth. The elite made it to Mars. Everyone else made it to Venus. Somewhere along the line, Mars got dumped on by its inhabitants to the point where Venus started to look good. And, to the credit of the crew on Venus, they created something remarkable through their blood, sweat, and tears. Are they going to let the new Martians take over their new Venus? Not very likely! Check out the opener here.

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Review: COLONUS #1 by Ken Pisani and Arturo Lauria

Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz on "The Big Bang Theory"

Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz on “The Big Bang Theory”

So, let’s go back a bit to that placement of a specific comic book on the hit TV show, “The Big Bang Theory.” That would be the episode where the guys are trying to buy tickets to go to Comic-Con International in San Diego. In “The Convention Conundrum,” broadcast January 30, 2014, we see Simon Helberg thumbing through the pages of a copy of “Colonus.”

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