George’s Run Update: We Keep Moving Forward

Pencils with some ink.

GEORGE’S RUN, my graphic novel work-in-progress, is humming along. These sort of hand-made-with-care items take time, especially since I’m doing everything. People who know and understand, they understand. What I dearly wish is, in fact, to get this work not only completed but uploaded, printed, and hard-wired onto as many minds as possible.

Hand-drawn lettering completed on this page.

I can do a number of things. I can start showing this to the world as a webcomic, either here and/or at a separate venue. A show of hands for everyone who supports that move. Okay. I can also self-publish, which is certainly an attractive option. And I can also make just the right love match with that certain publisher I might click with.

Always studying pages as they progress.

Anyway, folks have asked, and I just wanted to provide an update. I hope you like this small batch of teaser images. I also just got a pedicure and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to show that off too. Why not, right?

Always looking at work from different vantage points.

I’ve learned quite a lot from this and I don’t regret one moment. Next year will be the 60th anniversary of the very first episode to be broadcast of “The Twilight Zone,” on October 2, 1959. That was “Where Is Everybody?” That is a very good question to ask as I seek to stoke interest in what should be a very worthwhile project.


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8 responses to “George’s Run Update: We Keep Moving Forward

  1. I love your handwriting! Look forward to seeing more of the graphic novel!

    • That is really nice of you to say! Too bad you’re not an editor at a comics publisher. I keep thinking I want to get just the right font made based upon my handwriting. For this book, it looks like the whole thing will be hand-drawn lettering. I believe you can appreciate the work involved! Thanks again for your comment. That makes my day!

      • Lol funny you mention, since my brother has an independent comics publishing company, and has done lettering/editing in other projects. I’m not sure if you plan to self-publish or look for a publisher for your work, but their website is .

        I know of a lot of other artists who choose to handwrite their own lettering though, and I feel it always gives the work that extra charm! Keep up the great work!

      • I love what Alterna Comics is doing. I’ve reviewed their books. I see that they will be at Emerald City Comicon. I’d very happy to meet up with your bro if maybe you’d like to pass along this post to him. For the most part, the book is complete. Now, I’m finishing up the lettering. And maybe I’ll add color or grayscale tones. Alterna Comics is tops!

      • Thank you! I will see what I can do and I wish you luck!

      • I appreciate that. Thank you.

  2. Jay

    I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on a copy!

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