Comics Review: FAB4 MANIA by Carol Tyler

FAB4 MANIA by Carol Tyler

Graphic novels that explore a particular passion can prove to be the most relatable for a wide audience. Consider the new graphic memoir by cartoonist Carol Tyler (Soldier’s Heart). Her new book is entitled, Fab4 Mania, published by Fantagrahics Books. Who doesn’t love the Beatles? Tyler’s book looks back at the Fab Four from her own point of view. The full title of this work is Fab4 Mania: A Beatles Obsession and the Concert of a Lifetime and therein lies our premise and plot.

Tyler’s experience is essentially the same thing that happened to countless young people, circa 1965, up to a point. Where it diverges is exceptional. One big distinction is that this kid got to go to a famous ’65 Beatles concert in Chicago. The greater distinction is that the reader is following Tyler’s journey full of personal recollections and idiosyncratic appeal. This is an 8th grade girl revealing her innermost thoughts. It all adds up to a wonderful coming-of-age read.

If you enjoy young adult themes, this book is definitely for you. Filled with over a hundred warm and inviting drawings in full color, this is a true tale that will sweep the reader away with its authentic flavor. Tyler has meticulously recreated the diary that she kept throughout that pivotal Beatles year of 1965 to create a treasure trove of insights and humor.

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3 responses to “Comics Review: FAB4 MANIA by Carol Tyler

  1. selizabryangmailcom

    What a great idea! I wrote in a diary when I was young, but nothing interesting like that was going on at the same time–or nothing that I realized and/or recorded. She’s brilliant to have done just that and then was able to transform it later into media for others!

    • If you click on the link in this post, it will take you to a fascinating Chicago Tribune article on Carol Tyler. She is someone who has always been compelled to create. Like you and me, she could take a relatively mundane scene and do something unusual with it. With the Beatles, she gets to shine yet again with another great work.

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