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Indiegogo: THE EIGHTH, a New Adventure Comic


The Eighth is a very impressive new comic book (now on Indiegogo) by Adam Lawson (writer/director of the YouTube Original series Escape The Night, and the gaming shows Tabletop and Spellslingers) and Lawson’s longtime collaborator, Jorin Evers. First, this is the premise: an epic adventure featuring two teenagers, David Wells and Emma Adachi, who unlock a piece of ancient Sumerian armor, but mismanage its power and end up committing murder. Before they know it, they find themselves on a terrifying journey to change or destroy the world with no going back. Now, the goal of the current Indiegogo campaign is to collect all the issues of the comic book into a glorious 200-page glossy trade paperback. As Adam Lawson puts it:

For almost two years, Jorin and I have slaved away on the pages completing five of the eight issues and given away all of our free time. With your contributions, we can take this across the finish and deliver into your hands, in stunning glossy print, the 200-page story of David, the 8th and his misfit friends.

David & Emma

Taking a close look at the first issue in this series, I see a well-paced story that got my attention right from the start. Writer/creator Adam Lawson and artist Jorin Evers deliver a gritty story playing with teenage wasteland tropes that ring very true. David is the math whiz who is being raised by his mother and aunt. Emma is a teen who ran away from her foster family and lives in the same house with David. Things look pretty dire and bleak. But there’s something about both David and Emma that leaves the reader wondering. There’s that touch of strange that means everything. Infused with just the right doses of horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy, this all adds up to a most unique and compelling story.

Out to save the world.

It will be up to David to see if he can rise to the challenge. As they say in scientific circles, the cat in the box is both alive and dead up until the box is opened. David makes the choice to open the box and find out. All along the way, the reader gets deeper into the action and more involved with the characters in unexpected ways. For instance, aloof and quiet Emma has got quite a steamy crush on David. The art by Jorin Evers brings it all to life with vivid energy. Lawson and Evers nicely set it up and then, bang, the reader is rewarded with a new twist on the superhero mythos. That twist is definitely there with just the right set of circumstances. Like any good thriller, it all comes down to being careful for what you wish for. But what’s the fun in being so careful, right? That’s the devil’s bargain that David and Emma will have to deal with. The promo material already alludes to a cosmic connection with Sumerian antiquity. Well, without spoiling anything, Lawson and Evers bring you a superhero story for a new generation, full of ugly truth and full of righteous fury. The Eighth truly feels like something new, a fresh take on superheroes, and that’s saying a lot.

Heroes Emerge!

THE EIGHTH has got just what you’re looking for in a story that’s not afraid to blast through the page. Check out the Indiegogo campaign right here. And you really need to check out the animated book trailer, only available by visiting the Indiegogo campaign.


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Indiegogo: Drew Ford and COSMIC WAVES

Cosmic Waves Drew Ford

Drew Ford has been in the comics industry for many years. He has worked with various independent publishers and led the way to bring back a number of quality comics and graphic novels at Dover Publications. Now, he is returning to bring back his own work in comics with the anthology, COSMIC WAVES. It is a collection of six science fiction stories written by Ford with artwork by an assortment of talented artists. Check out his crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, running thru March 11th, right here.

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Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Third Contact’ Seeks Funds To Support Movie Tour

“Third Contact” is a dark, mind-bending, surreal sci-fi thriller which has been gathering momentum after selected shows in Europe. For its final cinema event, there will be a film tour of the USA and Canada. Support the Indiegogo campaign here.

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Indiegogo: Sequential Artists Workshop Fundraising Campaign Ends January 22, 2014


Help SAW continue its mission of supporting artists, putting artists and students together and offering quality, affordable education in comics/sequential art. Of course, your support is always welcome. But, right now, with the new year ahead, it is a great time to jump in with your support. SAW is holding a fundraising campaign via Indiegogo. You can check it out here.

Here are some words from SAW Executive Director Tom Hart:

We have created a grassroots form of education. Knowledgeable, intelligent, capable experts working with students to prepare them for creative challenges ahead, and enlighten and enliven their practice. We’ve had great success, having graduated 5 students from our year-long program, 40 or more from our week-long programs and hundreds from our local classes. When we help our students communicate with passion and vision and clarity, we make the world a better place.

You have helped us do that.

There’s still time to pass the word around. We are asking for support to keep things up and running in 2014. As you know, every dollar matters, but so does every click and every poke, tweet, etc.

In addition, we now have some new artwork, from Dave Lasky, and from Box Brown, and others, as rewards for the current fundraiser.

Help support SAW now by going to the campaign here.

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Let’s raise the stakes

Our friend, Cristian, is very close to his goal. Time to go in there and help the guy out!

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