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Seattle Focus: Randy Wood hosts Spectacular Comedy Revue, Nov 2, 2018

Randy Wood confronting New York pizza.

Randy Wood is one very funny, inventive, and artful performer. Here is a recent photo of him wandering through New York City. Somehow he got a hold of a bad piece of pizza! I’m not sure that’s possible but I’m staring at the proof, I think. Randy knows a lot about getting evidence and lawyer stuff, or it’s his ongoing character that sort of knows about all these legal matters and such:  none other than Sweaty Dee, attorney at law, “the best that you can afford!” Wait a minute. Maybe that pizza is delicious. Is Sweaty Dee taking it out of the garbage can? Is that his meal for the day? Oh, Sweaty!

If you are in Seattle, then you owe it to yourself to catch the Spectacular comedy revue at Pocket Theater, located at 8312 Greenwood Avenue North. This Friday, Nov. 2, from 8:30-9:30 pm.

There will be some great performers, music, and Sweaty Dee explains how the justice system works!

Line up:
Wonder Vermin
Pam H
Scott Adams
Sweaty Dee
Justus Ladies

Check out Pocket Theater for more details on this highly entertaining monthly event. Get your tickets right here.


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Stumptown Comics Fest 2013: GRIDLORDS at HOLLYWOOD THEATRE *Featuring Eamon Espey’s ISHI’S BRAIN*

Photograph by Dalton Webb

Photograph by Dalton Webb

GRIDLords was a night to remember. And what a venue, the wildly eccentric and awesome Hollywood Theatre. This was the place to spend your night in Portland after visiting the Stumptown Comics Fest. It was a beautiful showcase of animation and performance art. The night began with what everyone will agree was the crown jewel of the event, Eamon Espey’s “Ishi’s Brain”

Photograph by Michel Anderson

Photograph by Michel Anderson

ISHI’S BRAIN (THE SHOW) was created and performed by puppeteer Lisa Krause and cartoonist Eamon Espey. Lisa Krause is an artist and puppeteer of Bread and Puppet fame, among other things. Check out Lisa’s blog HERE. This show is currently on a national tour and you can view details HERE. And, certainly, check out Eamon’s website HERE. The show follows little Ishi on a magical journey of apocalyptic proportions.



And you just have to check out the music to this show. Soundtrack is provided by Stephen Santillian. Check it out HERE. Great to listen to while reading Eamon’s book! Oh, yes, there is a book.

“Ishi’s Brain” is based on Eamon’s story of the same name from his Secret Acres collection, SONGS OF THE ABYSS and you can buy it HERE.

Check out the Secret Acres website right HERE.

And, most definitely, visit the GRIDLords website HERE.

Once you’re at the GRIDLords site, you can enjoy cool stuff like Amy Lockhart’s WALK FOR WALK.

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