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Interview: Liz Plourde and Randy Michaels and HOW I MADE THE WORLD


“How I Made the World,” is an intriguing title, don’t you think? It happens to be the title for a series of comics about Liz, a college student and writer who expresses herself in true epic glory, like any young person should. Now, this is most assuredly a SERIES, not a ONE-SHOT. There may have been a bit of confusion regarding this since the Diamond Previews catalog, the monthly bible for all comics retailers and regular comics buyers, has given the “one-shot” label to this series. Okay, now that we have that cleared up, here is an interview with the creators. It was a pleasure to get to chat for a bit with Liz and Randy.

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If you’re heading out to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival this weekend, May 11-12, be sure to stop by and purchase a copy of LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD by Elaine M. Will. This is truly an outstanding work and, as you know, I don’t make comments like that lightly. It takes something to motivate me to strongly like, or dislike, something. This one I really like. LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD brings to mind Nate Powell’s SWALLOW ME WHOLE. It has its own distinctive style and voice with that same quality that Nate brings to the game. You can check it out at Elaine’s website HERE.

LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD makes its official debut at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Elaine M. Will has the distinction of being in the last group of Xeric Grant recipients. Keep an eye out, the plan is to see this graphic novel in comics shops by this October.


Meet Jeremy Knowles. He is a fine young man, trying to survive high school and struggling with manic depression. His friend, Lee, is there for him, despite the fact he has to endure taunts by another fellow student, Jen. If only things could work out for him. If only Erin, that most beautiful and intellectual girl, would notice him. If only he trusted himself, his own artwork. He has his dreams but they, in an odd twist, could consume him.

The art and writing here is spot on. I look forward to seeing this webcomic make its way to print. And, certainly, I look forward to seeing more of Elaine’s work. Make sure to stop by and visit her website HERE.


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