Jeremy Eaton Holiday Art Show in Seattle, Saturday, December 13, Noon to 6pm


For our Seattle readers, be sure to stop by and check out the boldly ironic paintings of one of Seattle’s favorite sons, Jeremy Eaton. He regularly graces the pages of our favorite alternative weekly, The Stranger. Jeremy Eaton is a published cartoonist, illustrator and painter living in Seattle. For his paintings he utilizes discarded plywood he finds in the shipyards of the city, applying acrylic paint in bold splashes of color and overlapping strokes of black in order to replicate the pulp printing of the comic books and magazines of his youth, often sublimating this with wider cultural themes and commentary. Be sure to visit Jeremy right here.

More details follow from Jeremy Eaton:





This is my first showing since my successful exhibit at Cartoon Network Studios in Los Angeles. If you live in the Seattle area, or are visiting, please stop by this Saturday from 12 until 6 to see dozens of new paintings and illustrations plus many older unseen illustrations and comics pages, many under $25, a large grouping never before shown en masse in one place! Have a drink, enjoy some candy that’s really bad for you, meet Inky the studio cat, and say hello, it’ll be great to see you! Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest in my art this past year, I am very grateful for the support! My studio is at 521 NW 43rd St., just a block east of Hale’s Brewery at Leary Avenue. Look for the big blue building with the colorful storefront.

And you can always find Jeremy Eaton art for sale right here.


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4 responses to “Jeremy Eaton Holiday Art Show in Seattle, Saturday, December 13, Noon to 6pm

  1. Seems to be a very active and lively comics scene in Seattle. What makes that so, versus Atlanta? Seems like I would’ve at least come across news in passing over the years. I have only seen ComicsCon events on the web. I want to say the event wad a little. pricy but my memory is fuzzy, as it was a
    few months ago that I looked. Will keep looking.

    • Well, Totsy, I’m glad you ask. This may take a while. We would do well to order drinks and prepare for a long chat. However, in this blogosphere context, we can start in on the discussion and I welcome others to jump in too from time to time. Alright, Seattle is one of those special places. Some call it a great incubator of talent. You have all this nature around you and a great mix of intellectual activity. People love to read up here. People love film, art, and progressive causes. This is a perfect place to start up a band, do fringe theater, write a novel, create comics, and so on. Other blue state/cool cities are, of course, NYC and LA. Do a Google search on comic arts festivals for starters and that will lead you to more cool comics activity. I could say a whole lot more. I suppose I’m something of an expert on the subject. Hmm, maybe that’s why I do this blog. Well, I love to share. Thanks for asking. Your comments are always welcome. Hope this wasn’t too long!

      • No, not long at all. I will google that too. I’m very interested in whatever I can glean from your expertise. I’m a newbie to comics. I never knew all Seattle was such an artsy hotspot. I feel a little jealous.

      • Totsy, email sometime about how you’re doing with WordPress. It looks like you’re in control with the WP program and you’re being hosted elsewhere. Seems like I’m happy as I am now but I’ve been considering some new developments. Not sure if that type of move is necessary or not. It could be.

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