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SEATTLE INTERACTIVE CONFERENCE 2014: Starbucks and The Coffee Shop Experience

Briar Waterman, Starbucks Creative Director, Global Digital Marketing

Briar Waterman, Starbucks Creative Director, Global Digital Marketing

Briar Waterman is Starbucks Creative Director, Global Digital Marketing, and he had some exciting news on how Starbucks is engaging its brand with consumers at the first day of the annual Seattle Interactive Conference, October 15-16. This is the first year that Starbucks takes its brand on a global campaign. At one point, Waterman displayed a recent collage of Starbucks locations from a promotion on Instagram. What he pointed out was that, even though the display featured some great locations, what it lacked was a key ingredient. It really needed to bring out the fact that people enjoy hanging out at Starbucks.

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The Six Pack Abs Myth

Six Pack Abs 2013

The Comics Grinder meeting this morning at a convenient Starbucks for everyone resulted in our spotting Beautiful Existence in her challenge to only eat at Starbucks for an entire year. We had just posted about her (see post below) and so it was a pleasant surprise to see her in action. Once that excitement died down, we got to business. A consensus grew that there should be more Comics Grinder interviews when possible with much praise given to our interviews with such talents at Mark Z. Danielewski, George Clayton Johnson, and Alex Robinson. There was also an agreement that there is a growing fan base for Comics Grinder reviews. The meeting culminated in a doodle of a strange cartoon cat with the words, “Six Pack Abs” scrawled across its cartoon belly.

Comics Grinder wishes to assure you, all of you, that you don’t need to get caught up in the Six Pack Abs myth. Men’s Fitness is currently featuring a piece about one of its editors going on a regimen that produced the fabled abs. Truth be told, outside of the military, competitive sports or any job that requires intense physical work, there’s no need to worry about this. The guy who documents his abs journey looks just fine in the “before” picture. He’s healthy and there’s nothing wrong with him. If he wants to do some extreme working out, that’s his business but it shouldn’t be touted as his achieving something everyone else should seek out too.

Keep in mind, there’s a book about this regimen being sold. This article is a big sales pitch. Since when has the corporate media been your trusted friend? No, the idea is to keep the myth alive that you need this or that and then you need to buy this or that. You need, you really need, six pack abs and here’s what you need to buy so you’ll think you’re on your way to achieve this unrealistic goal.

Anywhow, if six pack abs were something sensible to aspire to, they would be more common. Sure, the ads say they are easy to achieve–but that’s the pitch. No reason to become a couch potato either but just follow common sense. Given the choice between attempting to get six pack abs and only eating at Starbucks for one year, Comics Grinder concludes that both are too extreme. But, if we had to choose, maybe Starbucks but only for one week.

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Taking The Starbucks Challenge

Starbucks 2013

There’s someone who is about to try to pull a Morgan Spurlock. Instead of only eating at McDonald’s, like in Spurlock’s “Super-Size Me,” this blogger is planning on only eating at Starbucks. She has set up this challenge for herself which she says is about getting more in touch with being a consumer in Western society.

So what’s left for all the rest of us bloggers? I could pledge to only eat food I buy at a supermarket. That might work since I do that quite a lot. But I also enjoy variety and I like to explore. So, I end up at various restaurants and diners and the like. I’d have to think about it.

Still, I sort of like the challenge. The blogger’s name is Beautiful Existence. Yes, that’s her real name, I just checked on her blog. And this is her blog. It will be fun to follow her exploits.


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