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SPX 2014 Interview: Farel Dalrymple and THE WRENCHIES


Here is a quick conversation with Farel Dalrymple just as he was setting up to fly out to Bethesda, Maryland for the annual Small Press Expo.


He will be there in support of his new graphic novel, “The Wrenchies.” We talk a bit about the dream logic and overall feeling of spontaneity and exuberance found throughout the pages of this most remarkable book.

I have followed many an artist’s career and this is clearly Farel Dalrymple’s time. With The Wrenchies, he has brought together elements he’s been working with over years into a masterful panorama.


If you’re in or near Bethesda this weekend, you will definitely want to visit SPX. And, if you’re in the DC area, visit Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse that Sunday, at 5 p.m., for a panel discussion discussing graphic novels with a crossover appeal between young adults and adults moderated by Heidi MacDonald. The featured cartoonists are Farel Dalrymple; Gareth Hinds (Romeo & Juliet); and Jim Rugg (Street Angel).

Click the link below to listen to the podcast interview:

You can find Farel Dalrymple right here.


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Review: THE WRENCHIES by Farel Dalrymple


Farel Dalrymple has distinguished alienated youth to a high level with his comics. There is that distinctive deadpan stare from a young person confronting some great threat. We never know for sure what that young person is thinking. Are they afraid? Most likely. But putting on a good poker face will help. In “The Wrenchies,” Dalrymple’s much anticipated new graphic novel, he offers up another side of the Apocalypse filled with kids who are fighting the good fight. And then he takes it a step further, and step further after that, to deliver a robust and mature work for all to enjoy. This is Dalrymple’s moment, his skills coming together to say it all in one big book worthy of, you name it, Dr. Seuss, Ray Bradbury, the Beatles, the Ramones, really, name a creative genius you love and this book ranks right up there.

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Review: DELUSIONAL: The Graphic and Sequential Work of Farel Dalrymple, published by AdHouse Books


You too will believe in all sorts of urban legends and myths once you’ve entered the world of comics genius Farel Dalrymple. Is “comics genius” too grand a thing to say about Dalrymple? Well, you need to trust me on this if you’re new to his work. There are so many beautiful and whimsical works of art and comics that he’s created that he’s earned a place of honor. He’s won a number of awards. His art is so compelling and energetic that Marvel Comics had him team up with esteemed writer Jonathan Lethem on a very special story, “Omega: The Unknown.”


Farel Dalrymple has been mining a certain fanciful strain of comics. Much in the way that Jim Woodring has tapped into his own unique hallucinatory vision, so has Dalrymple. It’s a world that respects the magic of childhood. It’s a world that is willing to take risks, is not afraid of being silly or odd, and is always seeking out those things that seem just out of reach.

“Delusional” is the book to get this holiday season or any season. It is a 232-page hardcover, priced at $24.95. Visit of friends at AdHouse Books.


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New Farel Dalrymple collection: ‘Delusional’ published by Adhouse Books


Pick up your copy of the new collection of work by cartoonist Farel Dalrymple, Delusional: The Graphic and Sequential Work of Farel Dalrymple. It has been my honor to have interviewed him and review his work. I have great admiration for him and can easily look back to many highlights in his growing career including working for Marvel Comics on the special Omega The Unknown project with writer Jonathan Lethem. You can order this gorgeous 232-page hardcover from the publisher, Adhouse Books, here.

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