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Review: PUNCH TO KILL #1


It is ingrained in our DNA to thirst for bloody horror. But we generally know when we’re close to crossing the line. I think the comic, PUNCH TO KILL, does an interesting job of going back and forth with teetering towards a bit too much. If you love blood and guts, then no problem. That said, I give a lot of credit to cartoonist Marc Palm for carrying out his dance with death.

There is much said on the subject of horror, particularly movie horror. I don’t claim to really care more than I do. I like what I like. If it has wings, I’ll most likely applaud its flight. If it’s merely sick and disgusting, what can I tell you? This comic really tries my patience but it’s supposed to. In the end, I applaud its quirky humor. It is visually arresting. It’s a solid piece of work.

This is a collaboration between writers Kevin Clarke, Will Long, and writer/artist Marc Palm. I can see that they’re having a lot of fun with various horror and action movie tropes. There’s the tough guy being held prisoner in some dank office. Then, suddenly, he’s had enough, and he goes on a bloody rampage. Now, he’s like an armored tank plowing through one henchman after another. You think you fooled me, the tough dude thinks. Well, think again, sucker! Insert blood splatters on the wall, the floor, wherever you like.

What’s good about this comic is that, despite all the blood and guts, it’s got a good head on its shoulders–all the way up to when it gets blown clean off. Seriously folks, this is what you can file under “highly spirited good fun.”

PUNCH TO KILL #1 is published by Pizza Party Comix. You can find these bloody fiends right here.


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Stumptown Comics Fest 2013: MARC PALM

It is always a delight to talk with fellow cartoonist and friend, Marc Palm. In this interview from Stumptown Comics Fest, in Portland last weekend (April 27-28), we joke around a bit, although both of us were pretty weary by then, as the festivities were drawing to a close that Sunday. Among the various places you can find Marc, try HERE.


Marc Palm is a cartoonist based out of Seattle. He is involved with the ongoing comics anthology, INTRUDER. And Mr. Palm will be busy this Saturday, Free Comic Book Day, over at Fantagraphics Bookstore in support of FREAK COMIC BOOK, a Fantagraphics mini that he’s a contributor in. So, if you’re in the Seattle area, you’re going to be busy too checking out your favorite local comics shops including, of course, Fantagraphics Bookstore.


From the Press Release:

“Fantagraphics Bookstore will issue an exclusive 16-page Freak Comic Book mini featuring a stellar cast of local alternative artists. Edited by Intruder contributor Marc Palm, the book includes new works by Max Clotfelter, Kelly Froh, Eroyn Franklin, Tom Van Deusen, Ben Horak, Darin Shuler, David Lasky, Aidan Fitzgerald, Pat Moriarity, John Ohannesian, Max Badger, and James Stanton. As May 4 is also Star Wars Day – (“May the Fourth Be With You”) – the mini concludes with touching tributes to Yoda by Peter Bagge, Ellen Forney, Jim Woodring, and Kazimir Stzrepek. Freak Comic Book is limited to 100 copies. Many of the contributing artists will be in attendance to sign their work.” FBI informant — with Max Badger Woodring, Jim Woodring, James Stanton, Peter Bagge, Ellen Forney – Cartoonist and Kazimir Strzepek at Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery.

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