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Batton Lash’s New Kickstarter: A VAMPIRE IN HOLLYWOOD

Batton Lash

Batton Lash, a comics legend in his own right, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign in support of his latest collection, “A Vampire in Hollywood.” You can join the campaign, which runs thru March 11th, right here.

Batton Lash Vampire in Hollywood

With a distinctive wit and style, Batton Lash has entertained readers over the years with the misadventure of “Wolff and Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre,” the only law firm that represents vampires, zombies, and other ghouls. Wolff and Byrd has subsequently been known simply as, “Supernatural Law.” It is a cross between Archie comics and The Walking Dead. It is definitely something different!

Press release follows:

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Those of us who seriously follow the comics medium are always mindful of homegrown stuff. There’s a select group of us rooting for the indie cartoonist making it happen against all odds. As a cartoonist, I have a few more layers of empathy. I don’t need a work to fit any particular theme or agenda. I just need it to grab me. In the case of the book we have before us, I sense a kindred spirit right away. Damien Shanahan created a character in his youth and developed that character and his world. In the process, Damien Shanahan grew as a person, an artist, and so on. Sort of like Woody, from Toy Store, Pizza Man sat on a shelf for a while. But then Damien Shanahan got a craving for pizza again and the cheese was, once again, bubbling hot. The crust was crispy too. And it all led to “Pizza Man: The Supreme Collection.”

Opening story: "Comic Conned!"

Opening story: “Comic Conned!”

Shanahan has done a lot of smart things with his Pizza Man over the years and that is reflected in the book. He knows how to keep it fresh. He begins the book with a new story that showcases his current art and writing skills. He knows how to bring the reader in. He kicks off with an informative introduction and also provides further explanation at the start of each section. He knows how to keep it moving. I think Shanahan does a great job of presenting his older work in the best light. And he knows when to share in the fun. There are some awesome pieces here with other artists drawing Pizza Man and the gang.

From "Viva Las Pizza," art by Chris Wahl

From “Viva Las Pizza,” art by Chris Wahl

Pizza Man brings to mind Flaming Carrot and other parodies of the superhero genre. There have been parodies for as long as there have been superheroes. Funny thing is that even your most unconventional superhero is liable to get complacent and start to act too much like a traditional superhero. In that regard, Shanahan demonstrates a keen sense of humor and dedication to remain as weird as possible. I really enjoyed the new work that begins this book. He has Pizza Man and his sidekick, Mozzarella, posted at a booth at a comic book convention. These guys aren’t creators. They’re fictional characters. They have no vested interest in being at a comic book convention. So, whatever onlookers have to say to them, it really doesn’t mean a thing to them. If only it could be that easy for cartoonists.

In the course of all his adventures, we don’t dwell too much on how Pizza Man became Pizza Man. It’s nothing as dramatic as surviving some freak accident at a pizza parlor or escaping from some pizza planet. He just is what he is. That’s what I like most about Pizza Man. Shanahan seems to be comfortable to keep things simple while also playing up the absurdity of being a superhero. This is just the sort of vibe that a lot of comic book publishers find very appealing. And that should bode well for the future of Pizza Man.

I’m sure this book will be fun for both fans of superheroes and fans of superhero parodies. It will be of keen interest too for anyone interested in the storytelling process as Shanahan does a great job of documenting his creative journey. This collection was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign. You’ll want to seek it out as it becomes more available.

Keep up with Damien Shanahan and Pizza Man right here.


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Kickstarter: VOYAGER – A Sci-Fi Series Based On Events From A Near Future


The most innovative and realistic TV series about space exploration and extra-terrestrial life – because we want to believe.

Check out a most deserving Kickstarter campaign. VOYAGER is a new breed of sci-fi television set in the present day and using real science.

VOYAGER is also new in that it welcomes your input. It has launched as of today, August 8th. Visit the campaign right here.

So real, it will inspire your belief in sci-fi. It is also the first network-bound narrative TV series to welcome crowdsourcing and fan endorsement at the most strategic and determining stage of its development.

Among many compelling elements to this show, the connection to science fiction and real science is very appealing. Have you read about the possibility of finding life on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons? That is one of the missions that VOYAGER will take on.

Similar to how adventurers of yesteryear once sailed the seas or took to the skies in search of the unknown, the show follows a group of unique and conflicted characters, including beings of artificial intelligence, all led by an eccentric and daring Russian billionairess, as they explore new worlds and weird, terrifying reality.

VOYAGER is co-created and written by Richard Christian Matheson, son of legendary writer Richard Matheson, and a master of horror and science fiction in his own right. If you are looking for the next exciting sci-fi tv show, consider VOYAGER and visit their Kickstarter campaign going on thru September 12th, right here.


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Kickstarter: Janelle Asselin Fires Back With FRESH ROMANCE

Fresh Romance Issue 1 Cover by Kevin Wada

Fresh Romance Issue 1 Cover by Kevin Wada

It was one year ago that comics professional Janelle Asselin was in the middle of a raging storm regarding the comics industry’s ongoing problem with the distortion of women. Catch up and/or refresh your memory on that right here. So, to find Ms. Asselin undertaking a whole new way of addressing this issue is quite inspiring. Sometimes, you just gotta go out and show them all how it’s done, right? Enter FRESH ROMANCE.

FRESH ROMANCE is a new generation’s answer to romance comics. This is part of a new imprint, Rosy Press, brought to you by Janelle Asselin, Senior Editor of ComicsAlliance.com and former DC Comics editor. If funded through the now-live Kickstarter campaign, Asselin’s new imprint Rosy Press will debut FRESH ROMANCE in May 2015. This Kickstarter campaign ends April 22. Visit it right here.

The first issue of this monthly digital comic magazine features sundry stories ranging from a clandestine, queer high school love affair to an impeccably researched and illustrated Regency-era romance. In addition to three forward-looking romances, each issue of FRESH ROMANCE delivers a relationship advice column by a quartet of divorced writers, behind-the-scenes art coverage, and a fashion report.

Full press release follows:

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Review: UNDER THE FLESH #2: Ravaged Road


Before we start in, I want to point out that there’s a Kickstarter campaign running in support of this comic. “Under The Flesh,” published by Escape Comics, caught my eye due to its high quirk factor: an intelligent grindhouse zombie horror superhero comic! Let’s take a closer look and see if it resonates with you.

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Movie Review: WISH I WAS HERE


Zach Braff is such a likable person that we feel we know him. With his new film, “Wish I Was Here,” he plays off that familiarity and offers up a subversively genial story. Braff brings to this a masterful grasp of tone. He is not giving us a typical foray into mainstream comedy. It’s not even a typical foray into independent “cinema.” There’s more heart in this film than you might expect delivered in what one would hope is developing into Mr. Braff’s signature style. You have a common thread running from this new film and 2004’s “Garden State” and that is the universal need to love and be loved, to make sense of the world, and to rise to the occasion.

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Kickstarter: Taking Graphic Novel THE CHAIR To The Screen


“The Chair” is a great example of the offbeat horror you can find at Alterna Comics. You can read my review of the graphic novel here. Both the book and the movie project have a rabid following. A lot of people want to see this movie become a reality but we’re not there yet. Check out the Kickstarter campagin in support of this movie project right here. The campaign ends on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

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Henry Chamberlain’s Campaign To Support A Comics Reviewer and Creator

From Henry Chamberlain's "Ballard Comics"

From Henry Chamberlain’s “Ballard Comics”

I am heading out to Comic-Con International in San Diego this year and this is the year that we take things to a new level. With your support, we can do some exciting new things here at Comics Grinder and beyond. You can check out the new campaign, “Support A Comics Reviewer and Creator,” over at GoFundMe right here.

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Interview: Jeremiah Greco and the Comin Revolution



If you are a comics creator, whether superhero or mini-comic or whatever, Comin will blow your mind. Create new work or take existing work and turn it into interactive comics. And, for comics readers, this is an exciting new place for comics.

In my interview with Jeremiah Greco, the founder of Comin, we get to talk at length about what comin is all about and what it means to you: very cool comics.

Jeremiah Greco describes how Comin has evolved:”It began as me building apps for indiviual stories. Then I developed it into an app to load any story into and that got people excited. It went on to become a whole platform, a framework for anyone to use. I wanted to make this a new standard for storytelling. That’s how Comin came about, an open standard that anyone can build software for. We have a prototype and another on the way. It’s just a matter of getting it to the finish line.”


Check out the Kickstarter campaign, now thru May 17, here.

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COMIN PROJECT (Interactive Comics) Seeks Funds For A Whole New Way to Experience Comics

Kickstarter campaign runs thru May 17, 2014

Kickstarter campaign runs thru May 17, 2014

We love to read comics. How about reading comin? Comin?

Comin means two things: an interactive comic and a brand new open media standard. The talented team at the Comin Project are experts on both comics and comin.

COMIN PROJECT offers a whole new way to experience comics. Now, hold on there, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, it means a lot. We’re talking about a revolutionary change in how comics are viewed, and created, by making them interactive in a whole new way. Think more of it as two main things: the COMIN READER and the COMIN WRITER. Both readers and creators have something to gain. Support the campaign at Kickstarter right here. Read this straight from the Comin Project team:

The project consists of two apps: the Comin Reader and Comin Writer. The Comin Reader is for readers to download and digest both traditional and interactive comics on their mobile devices or personal computers. The Comin Writer is for both hobbyists and professionals to write, layout, and publish interactive comics or convert and publish traditional comics in a way that is easily viewable within the Comin Reader.

Comin. That’s the name for new comics.

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